The integrated Ethernet Switch (iES-12), is a Rugged 12 port layer 2/3 managed gigabit Ethernet switch with end node timing and discrete signal capabilities for demanding test instrumentation environments on airborne, shipboard or mobile ground vehicles.

Product Description

The iES-12 provides support for both IPv4 and IPv6 along with a large array of switch management, security, QoS, multicast and carrier Ethernet features. This rich set of feautres for VLAN’s, content aware traffic policing, and security policies allows the iES-12 to perform in open or closed networks.A user programmable FPGA with soft CPU(s) tied directly into the switch with 2.5Gbps interfaces provide packet extraction/inspection/insertion capabilities. Programmable or data driven discrete outputs can be used to control end node devices on or off the network as well as feedback into the iES-12 from discrete inputs.

With multiple time sources and outputs the iES-12 provides end node device IRIG time signals. iES-12 contains a high time accuracy internal GPS receiver and a hardware based IEEE 1588-2008 time engine both able to drive the internal IRIG-A/B/G Time Code Generator (TCG) for time outputs.

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