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The operating software imc DEVICES is a uniform graphical user interface with flexible display styles. In addition to quick configuration of individual devices, it enables network-wide operation of multiple imc data logging systems, even of different types.

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Product Description

imc DEVICES allows quick and reliable measurement operation without any need for programming. All measurement parameters can be set on a per-channel basis. The extensive data storage-, triggering- and real-time functions are clearly organized for each device. The measured data are displayed by means of the device’s (alphanumeric) display unit or in any imaginable graphical display mode on the PC monitor connected via the Ethernet TCP/IP.The uniformity of the operating software results in a great reduction of the costs associated with system orientation, training, updating and maintenance. Plus, the reliability of operation is significantly increased. Measurement tasks are easier to solve and can be performed at a lower cost.

The imc DEVICES operating software provides intuitive and secure operations. It is able to directly recognize available hardware and, with only simple configurations, it is quickly ready to handle all of your test and measurement tasks – no complicated programming required.

Manual input or integrated sensor management

  • Direct assignment of a sensor to a channel
  • Color-coding of the assignment (e.g., green, sensor appropriate for channel)
  • Enormous time savings during measurement configuration

Sensor assignment

  • Sensor recognition (TEDS)
  • Internal database or optionally by imc SENSORS
  • Manual entry

Field busses

  • Extracting signals, data and status information from field busses
  • Field busses CAN, ARINC, LIN, etc
  • ECU protocols KW2000, CCP
  • Time-synchronized
  • Import Vector database (DBC)

Display editor

  • Configurable user interface with display of measured data

Adjustment of measurement amplifiers

  • Measurement amplifier balancing
  • 2-point calibration
  • Characteristic curve correction


  • Start and stop measurement manually or via trigger
  • 48 independent triggers possible
  • Any number of trigger cycles
  • Events combined in logical expressions of comples triggers
  • Post- and pre-triggers can be set


  • Trigger on various events such as thresholds, ranges, slopes etc
  • Events may be combined in logical expressions of complex triggers
  • Event-driven digital inputs and outputs

PC-less operations via display

  • Extracting signals, data and status information from field busses
  • Custom operating interfaces
  • Change trigger thresholds during a running measurement
  • Start and stop measurement
  • Set digital outputs

Reference inputs

  • Flexible signal generation
  • Graphics-oriented operation of the reference signal program
  • Output of synthetically generated or previously measured signal curves

Stand-alone operation, synchronization and messaging

  • Self-start capacity
  • Autostart / Diskstart
  • Synchronization by means of GPS or DCF 77
  • Place phone calls
  • Send SMS messages, fax or emails

With just one click, all of measurement data can easily be displayed during the measurement with a PC. The curve window opens automatically scaled and sets the optimal value range. Without influencing the measurement, scaling of the axes and changes to the display formats can easily be made. There are also a wide variety of user-configurable display modes available. Already during the measurement, data can be transferred to imc FAMOS analysis software.

The imc curve window

  • Display styles freely defined
  • Oscilloscope display with fixed time axis scaling
  • Scrolling and stretching strip-chart display
  • Free navigation with zoom and measurement cursor

3-D Displays

  • Waterfall
  • Rainflow Matrix
  • 3-D Histogram

Color map

  • Continuous or graduated colors
  • Isolines
  • Size corresponding or filling corresponding symbols

Protocol window

  • Log book channels together in a diagram with measured data
  • Synchronized linkage between curve windows and tables
  • Event/ Log book

Bar meter

  • Channel level indicator
  • Slave pointers
  • Color change at free defined limits

Presentation of values

  • Presentation of single values
  • Adjustable levels of precision
  • Presentation of averages

With varied storage options, imc systems ensure a particularly high level of data security and user flexibility in archiving.

Storage options

  • Parallel storage possible on PC and device
  • Circular buffer memory configurable both in the device and on the PC
  • Data display without saving
  • Storage options on a per-channel basis

Data security

  • Saving to device hard drive
  • Saving to removable drive (e.g., PCMCIA, Compact Flash)
  • Saving to PC hard drive
  • No data loss upon power outage due to internal UPS

Administration of measured data

  • Measured data saved on a per-project basis
  • Measurement device configuration, data and comments stored together

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