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Results in Real-Time
Collecting buckets of raw data is a start, but are you also interested in seeing instant results and real time system response from your test system? If so, you might like to learn more about imc Online FAMOS and it’s built-in real-time analysis & control.

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Product Description

Data processing & analysis

imc Online FAMOS enables the transformation of raw measurement data into immediate information within the measurement system itself, without any help or reliance on an external PC. imc Online FAMOS can perform synchronized mathematical calculations on live data from multiple channels; calculate and record signal statistics; as well as perform comparison operations and deterministic advanced open loop and closed loop control.

Fast, on-the-spot decisions

Frequently, a test’s progress directly depends on the measured values and their resulting analysis. imc Online FAMOS can eliminate delays between the capture of data and the start of the decision process. The results from streaming calculations and other analyses are available immediately, as the data is collected and analyzed without interfering with the ongoing measurement. This allows the progress of the test to be monitored, and altered if necessary. For instance, a driver on a test track may decide while driving if a test cycle must be repeated to meet test conditions, or if the test cycle may proceed—without the time wasting effort of driving back to the garage first, waiting for the data to be analyzed, only to discover a test needs to be repeated. And neither the analysis nor the display of the results requires any PC: an imc Display unit connected with any of the imc Data Acquisition Systems is all that is needed to see what is going on.

Closed loop and open loop control, with real-time system response

While decision making requires response times which are fast by human standards, in successful direct feedback control the measurement and control device’s response must be a fraction of a millisecond. Thus, test personnel can be immediately informed about the current state of a test or measurement, even while the measurement device can independently intervene in the test procedure. This saves time and money, as imc Online FAMOS, combined with the digital and/or analog outputs of the imc data acquisition systems, makes any imc device a comprehensive and synchronized measurement and control system, without the need to synchronize or interface to additional external hardware.

Unlike a fixed purpose analyzer, imc Online FAMOS is easily adapted to the way you work and the tests you need to perform. In total, there are over 150 functions and operations available, which may be combined in virtually any configuration to produce and save a wide variety of virtual channels and calculated values. And since the results are continuously calculated from streaming measured data, virtual channels can also be used as part of the control system or to define sophisticated triggering conditions for the measurement itself.

All functions can be accessed with one mouse click, thanks to the imc Online FAMOS Formula Assistant. Since no specialized programming language skills are required, the imc data acquisition systems may be configured by any user with little or no training.

Online calculations

  • Over 150 functions
  • User defined calculations
  • Results in real time: no dependence on PC or network interface in critical tasks
  • Function wizard: makes all operations as easy as using a pocket calculator

Transitional recording and event tracking

  • Up to a 250-fold reduction of data volume with minimal loss of resolution
  • Data points recorded if necessary to prevent significant deviations from the actual data values
  • Record Event stores textual data along with timestamp for automatic log book of significant data or events

Basic operations, signal math, filters, and FFT

  • Signal arithmetic and calculus as easy as using a pocket calculator
  • Software configurable high and low pass filters, along with band pass, band stop, and arbitrary IIR & FIR digital filters
  • On-the-fly Fast Fourier spectral calculation for magnitude or magnitude and phase spectra; inverse FFT

Multi-channel synchronous calculations

  • Calculation of principle strains and angles with rosettes in real time
  • Single, two and three phase power calculations in real time
  • Intuitive function assistant guides you through the inputs and output of the function

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