Paperless Chart Recorder and Data Logger with 10 channels
Includes an MT100 data logger, an AC adapter, an calibration certificate, and software on CD

Product Description

MT100 Features

  • Desktop or panel mount
  • IP65 protects against dust and moisture
  • 5.7in. real-time color display
  • 10 analog input channels (voltage, thermocouple, RTD, and humidity)
  • 4 logic/pulse inputs
  • 4 relay alarm outputs
  • Records to USB memory stick
  • Auto data archive via LAN
  • Programmable measurements per analog channel:
    • 12 voltage ranges over ±20 mV to ±50 V full scale
    • Type J,K,T,R,S,B,E,N,W thermocouples
    • PT100, PT1000 3-wire RTD
  • Four discrete/counter/frequency input channels
  • Four alarm outputs

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