WinDaq PRO


WinDaq Pro/Pro+ Data Acquisition and Playback Software
WinDaQ Pro and Pro+ are fully featured data acquisition software packages that includes WinDaQ Waveform Browser. Both are identical in every respect except one: WinDaQ Pro+ allows you to tailor sample rate on a per channel basis, this is done by entering a sample rate divisor value (1 to 255) for each channel.


Product Description

WinDaQ Pro/Pro+

WinDaQ Pro and Pro+ offer real time display and disk streaming for the Windows environment. Their real time display can operate in a smooth scroll or triggered sweep mode of operation, and can be scaled into any unit of measure. Event markers with comments allow you to annotate your data acquisition session with descriptive information as you are recording to PC


  • Disk Streaming and Real Time Display to over 250 kHz
  • Supports all DataQ instruments hardware
  • True Multitasking operation
  • Record up to 240 Channels & Display up to 32 Channels at the same time
  • Includes WinDaQ Waveform Browser Playback and Analysis Software
  • Optional real-time Excel add-on: WinDaQ XL

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Software Version

WinDaq PRO, WinDaq PRO+