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In the 21st Century, everything in our lives is becoming wireless – including Data Acquistion

It’s time to sever ties with the retrograde technology of yesterday’s workplaces, and embrace exciting new possibilities for wireless data acquisition. This technology has infiltrated our everyday lives: from headphones to PCs and automobiles, wireless connectivity is everywhere.

Such technology is now encroaching on the world of data acquisition and analysis.

Case studies have shown that non-wireless technologies are ill-suited to harsh industrial environments, being expensive, cumbersome, and difficult to install in high-risk workplaces. They also pose significant health and safety risks to workers with the trailing wires required to connect and power monitoring systems.

Wireless data acquisition technologies are currently being trialled in Europe, with hopes to eradicate the widespread usage of wired data acquisition systems in industrial workplaces.

Using innovative sensor technology, the newly-developed wireless software can acquire data effectively over long distances, has sophisticated vibratory signal processing software, and is adapted for use in dangerous or high-risk environments. The software is safe and cost-effective, meeting both ACOEM and ATEX specifications.

Benefits of using wireless methods of data acquisition include:

  • Systems are portable and easily accessible
  • Wireless communications are robust, and don’t interfere with other wireless networks including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Reliable diagnostics
  • Data collection is continuous and relevant, enabling more sophisticated methods of data analysis
  • Systems are durable and hardwearing

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