GL100 Wireless Data Logger and GS Series Sensors
GL100 features a package solution that combines several sensors and modules together for a one stop solution as an out-of-the-box ready item for the specific application that best fits your need.

Product Description

Model GL100-WL is a small, lightweight data logger that can operate on two, standard AA alkaline batteries or via a USB cable connected to a power source. The instrument features an integral WiFi radio to allow wireless configuration and communication of measurements from various connected GS Series sensors (optional) to either a GL240 or GL840 data logger equipped with the B-568 wireless option. One GL100-WL may wirelessly connect to the GL240, and up to five simultaneously-connected GL100-WL instruments are supported by the GL840. Further, the GL840 supports the direct connection of GS Series measurement accessories without the need for the GL100-WL wireless data logger. Dedicated set up screens are supplied by the GL240 and GL840 data loggers that allow measurements from GS Series sensors to be folded into the data logger’s native readings.

GL100-WL Features

  • Integral WiFi radio for wireless operation
  • Stores data wirelessly to a WiFI-equipped GL240 or GL840
  • GL240 supports one GL100-WL and connected accessories
  • GL840 supports up to 5 GL100-WL and connected accessories
  • Connect GS Series sensors directly to a GL840 without the GL100-WL
  • Built-in LCD display
  • Alarm output
  • Embedded data and time clock
  • Battery-powered by two AA alkaline cells
  • Supports various optional measurement sensors:
    • 4-channel voltage/thermocouple/pulse
    • Ambient temperature and humidity
    • 4-channel thermistor/pulse
    • 3-axis accelerometer
    • AC current, power and energy
    • CO2 (carbon dioxide)
    • Light and ultraviolet intensity

Six GS Series sensors cover a wide range of measurement types. All may be connected to a GL100-WL main unit for wireless transmission to the either the GL240 or the GL840. The GL240 supports one GL100-WL while the GL840 supports up to five. GS Series sensors may also be connected directly to a GL840 using its built-in GS Series connector without the need for a GL100-WL.

GS Series Modules

  • GS-3AT: 3-axis Accelerometer
  • GS-4VT: Voltage and Thermocouple
  • GS-CO2: Carbon Dioxide
  • GS-DAP-AC: 2-channel AC Power
  • GS-LXUV: Illuminance / UV
  • GS-TH: Temperature & Humidity (RH)

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