Mobile Power Quality Analyzer
The imc Polares can be used as an EN 50160-compliant network analyzer, as an event analyzer or as a 1, 2, 3-phase power meter. This is available in a standard portable mobile version and also a miniature version the miniPolar is suited for a smaller application types.

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Product Description

imc POLARES is a mobile power quality analyzer which combines into a multi-functional tool for power measurement and analysis

imc POLARES as an analyzer for the power quality

  • Measuring and evaluation of power quality according to EN 50160 based on the measurement method in accordance with EN 61000-4-30 (Class A)
  • Conforming to standards fixed default
  • Generation of the standard measurement report at your fingertips

imc POLARES as power meter

  • 1-, 2-, 3-phase power measurement
  • Power direction detection up to the 50th harmonic

imc POLARES as event analyzer

  • Flexible limit and event definition
  • Flexible triggering options
  • Detection of the harmonics and flicker
  • Ripple control signals

Advanced features

  • PC-free operation with default
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Automatic self-start after power failure
  • Removable storage medium
  • Start / stop and indication via front panel
  • Database connectivity
  • Modem for remote monitoring and query
  • Absolute time synchronization via radio-controlled GPS / DCF 77 real-time clock

A variety of special analyzes

  • Harmonics
  • Between Harmonics
  • Events
  • Flicker
  • Tigger
  • Frequency
  • Power
  • Ripple Control Signals

Advanced features

The setting of the measurement, measurement analysis and documentation is greatly simplified. In imc POLARES the EN 50160 are predefined measurements and require only a few additional settings, therefore imc POLARES is easy to use even for the inexperienced user. The expert can special measurements, limits, evaluations and documentation are freely definable, saved and reused again when needed easily. Supplied with calibration certificate in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and German software and user manual.

imc mini polar – compact power quality analyzer

The specialist for power and power quality analysis

The universal power and power quality analysis is a key component of modern power quality management systems. imc mini polar is an immediate turnkey solution with appropriate software and database connectivity.

imc mini polar is a cross-linkable via Ethernet, immediately ready for operation and autonomously working measuring instrument. Specially designed for control cabinet installation, imc mini polar combines a variety of energy-related measurement functions.

  • Continuous monitoring of power quality at any point in the power supply system, in distribution systems and to consumers.
  • Distributed measurement and acquisition of services and flows.
  • Permanent recording of events and incidents

An analyzer functions

  • Power meter and analyzer
  • Event meter
  • Power quality analyzer according to EN 50160
  • Disturbance of currents, voltages and binary signals

Advanced Event Detector

  • Power Trigger: ie distribution and detection of a trigger event via TCP / IP – networks, event capture at multiple measurement modules on distribution and network boundaries.
  • Waveform Trigger: for u (t) and i (t); period-wise comparison of the instantaneous values to change the waveform.
  • Threshold Trigger: RMS – values and frequency
  • Trigger Signal Frequency: for example, ripple control signals and triggers, initialized by digital inputs

Search and find data and events

With the software extension in the form of a database engine can search for any events or standard exceedances in all measurements taken of all existing measuring points are displayed and compared. Fault tracking and fault analysis in the distribution network analysis and search events such as standard out, tabular results Classification by duration, amplitude, etc. Time Correct summarize over multiple networked devices / stations

Free measuring currents and voltages

The software extension inrush module allows the free measurement of currents and voltages in particular to measure motor starts, planned switchover in distribution systems, load change reactions, etc. It enables the recording and storage of instantaneous values with freely definable sampling and unlimited customizable triggers. Software for free short-term measurements configurable measurement data recording up to 50 kHz sample rate per channel, definable threshold or range Trigger Trigger link, pre-trigger etc.

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