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Are the police force infringing on the privacy of the public?

data acquisition

Data acquisition is fast becoming a common and accepted part of large companies; collecting data and information in order to acquire knowledge about users, and therefore determine their interests, beliefs and often location. This can cause difficulties with privacy, and if there is a breach it can cause companies a lot of trouble. In recent years, the bodycam industry has been growing steadily, with particular usage increasing in the police force.

Police forces are equipping more and more officers with bodycams, to record events and permit more data acquisition. Furthermore, the latest AI technology is being developed and installed to make all the videos captured by the bodycams searchable for data acquisition.

Specifically, a new branch of AI called deep learning is being implemented by the police, and promises to take the internet by storm. Using sophisticated data acquisition technology, it can save time sifting through mountains of often useless information and focus on things that are actively important, pertinent and relevant to police investigations.

This increase in the use of bodycams is supposed to increase police accountability, but there are issues of privacy to consider. How do we stop them becoming nothing more than mobile CCTV cameras? The data acquired in this manner will have to be regulated in some way so as to avoid any privacy issues from arising. Exactly how police forces and other corporations will incorporate AI systems such as these into their everyday strategy remains to be seen, it seems that, in terms of data acquisition, these systems are very much part of the future.

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