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How drones will impact aerial data acquisition.


Adopting drones for commercial purposes is becoming more and more popular, but it involves a transition, moving from valuing the technology itself, to the data it gathers. Too often the assumption when someone talks about large drones is that it is a military asset. But many different sectors can benefit from the data acquisition capabilities of a drone ecosystem, even if they aren’t a complete solution to all issues.

Depending on what the specific requirements of the clients are, a system of drones can be used for general surveillance to gather information about a wide area, or, can be used in a more targeted way to obtain more specific pieces of data. This adaptability allows for more customisable data solutions.

What is interesting about drones is that they offer the same service you could expect from other technologies, but they go about it in a revolutionary way. For example, you can inspect an aircraft using people and cranes, but it is a time-consuming process. The drones will still inspect the aircraft, but it can be done much quicker. The efficiency of this technology, and the potential to speed up existing processes, is exciting.

Whilst the technology is complicated, it can be simplified quite dramatically to meet the needs of the clients. Regulations differ from country to country, and it is marginally easier to take to the skies in the USA as opposed to Europe, but drones are becoming more commonplace all over the world.

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