Modular, Multi-Channel Telemetry System
CAEMAX Dx telemetry has universal transmission modules that enable measurements with different channel counts and sensor assignments for a variety of applications.

Provides synchronous operation of multiple transmitter modules via a central receiver unit. This guarantees simultaneous data acquisition from multiple rotating components.

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Product Description

Rethinking Telemetry

Dx telemetry provides a simple yet universal solution for various applications. A robust telemetry link is a prerequisite for reliable measurement data.

Digital technology

  • A robust telemetry link is a prerequisite for reliable measurement data. Therefore, the Dx digitizes the analog measurement signals as early as possible directly in the transmitter unit.


  • A Dx transmitter unit contains the complete signal processing, digitization and wireless transmission for up to 6 channels.


  • Not enough channels – just add another transmitter. Up to four transmitter modules can be operated synchronously with only one receiver unit.

One telemetry for various signals

Gone are the times in which a separate transmitter unit is needed for each sensor type. The Dx transmitter unit has universal signal conditioning that supports different types of sensors includes temperature, strain gauge and voltage.

Simple to operate

The clear menu navigation allows easy operation for even inexperienced users. Transmitters and receivers can be configured either directly on a display with a Touch Wheel or conveniently via a web browser on a PC.

Proper power supplies

For powering the transmitter modules, multiple flexible solutions are available: an inductive head or an inductive ring stator allow continuous operation. Alternatively, various battery types are available to provide secure supply power for hours (up to days) at a time.

The Dx transmitter unit (SCI)

The compact, lightweight 14g Dx transmitter unit contains complete signal processing and digitization of up to 6 channels and an integrated antenna.

Wide temperature range

Whether hot or cold: The Dx transmitter unit works reliably in a wide temperature range. Standard from -40 °C to +85 °C and with the extended temperature range from -40 °C to +125 °C.

Technical Data

  • Full-bridge: 2 inputs
  • Half-bridge: 4 inputs
  • Bridge supply: 4.096V
  • Input range: ±0,244 mV/V bis ±1000 mV/V
  • Thermocouple: 2 differential or 4 single-ended inputs
  • Input voltage: ±1 mV/V bis ±4096 mV/V
  • Resolution: 16 bit
  • Sampling rate: Dx: max. 4.6 kHz per channel | Dx-HT: max. 5.0 kHz per channel

The Dx receiver unit (RCI)

With the development of Dx telemetry, we focused on the needs of the user: whether on the test bench, test track or in a factory setting – by creating a modular system with universal transmitters, the Dx covers a wide range of applications – a certain economic advantage even in times of declining budgets.

Interference-free operation

The integrated diversity mode ensures maximum noise immunity during data transfer. In addition, along with actual measurement signals, redundancies for error detection are also transmitted. This ensures that the receiver unit outputs only correctly transmitted data.

Freely programmable transmission frequencies allow for avoidance of already used frequencies and parallel operations can be set up using multiple telemetry systems.

Seamless integration

For seamless integration of the Dx into your existing measurement hardware, it comes standard with a variety of interfaces:

  • CAN output
  • Analog outputs
  • Ethernet interface

Technical Data

  • Voltage supply: 9 up to 36 V DC
  • Power consumption: < 5 W
  • CAN interface: CAN 2.0b, Standard & Extended-Identifier, 1 MBaud
  • Analog output: 6 BNC jacks
  • Autozero: remote controlled
  • Antennas: 2 independent receiver systems operating in diversity mode
  • Storage: SD card (SDHC)
  • Synchronization: Synchronized sampling & regulated transmission frequencies of up to 4 transmitter units
  • Temperature range: -20°C to +65°C
  • Display: 2.83 inch OLED, 320 x 240 px

Dx accessories

The right equipment for every application

Housings for Dx transmitter units

  • Dx housing with integrated battery, attaches to the wheel with a Peiseler plate
  • Dx half-shell housing with integrated power supply (battery or secondary coil for inductive supply)
  • Dx half-shell housing in XXL for shaft diameters up to 1200 mm, with integrated inductive power supply
  • Dx housing with breakout cable, universal mounting options, splash proof

Power supply for Dx transmitter units

  • Ring stator for inductive supply
  • Dx stator head for inductive power supply with secondary-side power conditioning
  • Dx housing with integrated special battery pack

Dx receiver antennas

  • Dx flat antenna with universal mounting option, cable length 5m
  • Dx satellite antennas with outsourced receiving unit
  • Dx mirror antenna for unobtrusive placement during road tests

Additional options & accessories

  • Data logger function: storing measurement values on the integrated SD card
  • Dx test panel for quick configuration and testing without having to solder
  • Mounting frame for the Dx receiver

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